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Sithonia - The Sunday Telegraph

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Windsor Great Park - The Sun

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Good Vibes Column, Venice - Porthole Magazine

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Moraira, Spain - The Scotsman 

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Amsterdam - The Jewish Chronicle

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Fraser Island - The Daily Telegraph

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Mykonos - The Jewish Chronicle 

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 'Good Vibes' column, Amsterdam - Porthole Magazine

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Foodie Guide to Lisbon - The Scotsman

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Luang Prabang, Laos - The Daily Mail

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Trinidad, Cuba - The Sun on Sunday

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Vinales, Cuba - The Sunday Telegraph

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Sidmouth - The Daily Mail

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Cuban Spirit - The Jewish Chronicle

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Havana - The Scotsman 

Windsor Wonderland - The Daily Mail

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Sidmouth - The Sun on Sunday 

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       Snowdonia - Lodestars Anthology

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Welsh Flavours - Lodestars Anthology

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Cast Away to Cuba - The Daily Mail 

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             Lake Como - The Scotsman 

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     Go Loco for Como - The Daily Mail

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City Guide: Bristol, UK - Suitcase

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Hop Along to Holland-On-Sea 

              The Daily Mail 

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Living La Dolce Vita - The Jewish Chronicle 

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Amalfi Coast - The Sunday Telegraph 

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A Bolt to the blue/Sorrento  

              The Scotsman

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                     Bristol Bridges The Gap 

                              The Daily Mail

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          Cruising With A Conscience 

              Porthole Magazine 

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Bellisimo By The Sea - The Daily Mail 

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Explore the real Deal  - The Scotsman

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      Fully Immersed - Porthole Magazine 

Gezellig Amsterdam - The Globe & Mail


Piste and quiet - The Sunday Mail 

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Foodie Guide to Copenhagen - Delicious 

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Spain's Flamenco secret - The Daily Mail 

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Cuban Revelation - The Sunday Mail 

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Amsterdam Light Festival  - The Scotsman 

Winter Guide to Amsterdam - Suitcase 


British Pub Culture - Disney Cruise Line

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Gastro Revolution - The Sunday Mail 

Lost and found in Venice - The Scotsman 


48 Hours in Munich - Family Traveller 

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Bliss in Bali - Seabourn Cruise Magazine 

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Love in the Merlion City - Seabourn Cruise Magazine 

Culinary Lisbon -

P&O Cruise Magazine 

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Foodie Guide to Havana - Delicious 

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      Scandic Cool - The Scotsman