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Featured in National Geographic Traveller; 

The Times; Wanderlust Magazine;

The Daily Mail; The Globe & Mail; Italia!;

The Scotsman; The Jewish Chronicle;

Porthole Cruise & Travel; Lodestars Anthology; The Australian; The Independent;

Aspire Magazine; Family Traveller;

& Woman's Own...


Praise for Shape of a Boy....


'Anyone who has travelled with children will find this book uplifting, life-affirming and laugh-out-loud funny.'

Helen Fielding, author of Bridget Jones's Diary


'Highly entertaining, often hilarious...inspiring to all parents.'

Bel Mooney, The Daily Mail

'Travel writing at its finest - transports you to another place. Thoughtful and moving, this is a reminder of the bonding effect travel can have on a family.'

The Scotsman 

'Well written, well-paced, well amusing. Made me lustful for wandering - even with the kids!'

Ben Aitken, author of The Gran Tour 

A whip-smart and hilariously honest how-to (and how-not-to do) parenthood on holiday. My husband should take note.

Celia Walden, author of Payday.

'Hilarious' 'It'll give all the family itchy feet' 'Put off by having kids in tow...her overseas escapades with her three sons will make you think again.'

The Sunday Post

'Hilarious and wonderfully fluent, Shape of a Boy makes you see each corner of the world afresh. I read it in one long, lounging read, which took me away from Covid to a vibrant world of orangutans and elephants, and a family growing together.'

Andrew Clover, author of Dad Rules

'One page made me laugh, the next made me cry. It's incredible how Kate makes you feel like you're on this journey together...'

Katie Bowman, Editor of Family Traveller

'All the travel I have been missing between these covers.'

Sue Moorcroft, author of A Home in the Sun

'Funny, inspiring, tender, and a little bit bonkers, global travel with three small boys, what could possibly go wrong?'

Gil McNeil, author of The Only Boy for Me

'Starting a family might slow down some travellers, but for the Wickers, kids have only made the adventures more fun. Every new destination provides a new lesson - and new laughs.'

Porthole Cruise & Travel Magazine


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